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Real Estate Headlines with Star Wars, Samardzija and House in a Can

Posted: December 16, 2015 by

Real Estate Headlines with Star Wars, Samardzija and House in a Can

Other headlines include an affordable US market, the most expensive markets in Canada and an Internet-connected doorbell.

Do you know what week it is? It’s Star Wars week. The blockbuster movie hits theaters this weekend and the Force is strong with this week’s real estate headlines.

The Huffington Post declares this city the one that you should be the target of your next move.

Is “house-in-a-can” really a thing?

How rough is the San Francisco housing market? Newly signed Giants’ pitcher, Jeff Samardzija, is even complaining about the cost of real estate.

What are the most expensive places to buy a home in Canada?

Elle Decor has 5 real estate markets to keep on your radar.

Homebridge looks like the secret device to connect your smart home devices.

Do you really need an Internet-connected doorbell?

And finally, here’s a gallery of the best Star Wars inspired home theaters.

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